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Celebrating Saturn

By December 3, 2016Uncategorized


Celebrating Saturn

Probably most of you who are reading this have been on a spiritual journey for many years. And perhaps most of you know that you have already Awakened, at least to some extent. By ‘Awakened’ I mean, you know the truth of who you are as that deep, inner stillness out of which each thought arises. You know that you are not your thoughts, your mind, your body, your life circumstances, your roles. You experience, at least occasionally, or when you bring your attention to it, the inner witness that observes all of these phenomena of life.

In that vain, I would like to share a few things I have been discovering along my own spiritual journey.

As I have been doing more Spiritual Blueprints over the last few years, I have been more experientially engaged with the energies of the planets. We call them ‘planetary archetypes’ because they are archetypal representations of aspects of our Being, aspects that we all have.

The most obvious of these is Saturn. So, since today is Saturn day (Saturday), let’s talk a little bit about Saturn.

Saturn represents our bodies, and all of the physical realm. Matter. But does it matter? Well, it will matter if Saturn is out of balance.

When Saturn governs our spiritual nature it represents all of those spiritual paths that have to do with the body. We all know what those are. But even if Saturn is not our primary spiritual path, the path that brings our minds into stillness and enlivens that inner witness, Saturnine methods are an important element of living a happy and fulfilled life. Because let’s just face it, life is absolutely no fun at all when our bodies are hurting.

So what are some of these Saturnine methods. We all know them. Yoga. Tai Chi. Chi Gong, Massage. Fasting. Cleansing. Dance. Running. Physical exercise. Breathing. Pranayama. Ayurveda.To name a few.

When Saturn is out of balance, we feel sluggish, unmotivated, lethargic. Another indication of Saturn being out of balance is our mind racing a thousand miles an hour. Lack of groundedness or any feeling of stability in life. Ignore Saturn, and there will be pain.

When Saturn is in balance, we can relax, sleep well, be present in the moment, enjoy being here, now. And our minds will feel clear. We can slow down and perceive life as a systematic unfoldment.

A number of people whose Spiritual Blueprint reveals Saturn to be their spiritual nature already know this, and regularly practice physical methods. However, a few have had severe bouts with physical illness and pain. In this way, Saturn can be our spiritual teacher as well.

Bringing our attention to Saturn, our physical bodies, will bring about even greater joy and fulfillment in life. But not to the exclusion of all of the other aspects of our being. All are important and play a role.

And we all have Saturn as the primary energy in one of our Fields of Living. Here is how Saturn affects each field:

• Primal Desire, Wealth – desire for a more private, hermetic life. Values alone time more.
• Relationships – self-sufficient, private, reclusive, reliable, sincere, dutiful
• Career – practical, logical, systematic thinking careers such as accountant, technical writer, computer programmer, technician, philosopher, but also careers related to the body such as plumber, miner, manual laborer, physical therapist, chiropractor, massage therapist.
• Dharma – Shudra, craftsmen and manual laborers, serving through crafts, physical labor, the body, or on the physical level of life.
• Recreation – disciplined, patient, dependable especially in times of crisis, basking, will recreate from alone time and relaxing activities.
• Mental, Vital Body – a personality that projects steadiness, patience, dependability

So today we are celebrating Saturn! Relax, breath deeply, move our bodies, bask, rest and enjoy this gift of Life!

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