Rahu / Ketu

In the ancient Vedic tradition, these two “planets” are sometimes
treated as one and sometimes treated separately. They are shrouded
in mystery. Even their physical form is shadowy in that
they are not physical bodies but mathematical points in the heavens.
These points exist where the Moon’s ascending (North Node, or Rahu)
and descending (South Node, or Ketu) path in the sky intersects
the apparent path of the Sun on the celestial sphere (called the Sun’s ecliptic).

Rahu is our desire, our rebelliousness nature, that part of us
that wants to shun authority and to rebel against the status quo,
to break the boundaries of stagnation and conditioned existence
and break out of the routine of life.

Ketu is our karma and spirituality. Ketu signifies the spiritual process
of the refinement of materialization to spirit. It is considered a
benefic spiritually and a malefic materially as it causes sorrow and loss
which often turns a person away from the outer, material world
and inward to the silent witness, the silent Presence within.
Ketu is considered responsible for Self Realization.
Ketu is an indicator of intelligence, wisdom, non-attachment,
fantasy, penetrating insight, and psychic abilities.

The Doorway of the Iconoclast
The Rebel Path

Tantra is the iconoclastic doorway of desire, in which the mind
transcends through flowing with desire while maintaining full awareness
in every moment. It is contrasted with all the yogic doorways
which restrain and redirect desires.

For a true Tantrica, the mind transcends at the moment of desire fulfillment.
Whereas many who are not true Tantricas run the danger of getting
trapped in the never-ending cycle of desire and desire fulfillment leading
to more and more desires, the true Tantrica fulfills each desire
with full attention, with conscious presence to each moment
of the process of desire fulfillment.

The Tantric Spiritual Nature is governed by the Nodes of the Moon
which signify the rebel, the spiritual outlaw who follows the beat
of her own drum, the iconoclast. Yoga focuses on effort and discipline,
Tantra more on surrender and going with the flow.

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The Path of the Iconoclast, the Rebel Path