The Moon governs the Heart which we experience as our emotions.
Her domain is universal love, the nurturing love of the mother,
home, and comfort. In its purest sense we experience The Moon
as agape Love, universal Love for all things, Mother Love,
nurturing energy, our right brain intuitive and artistic nature,
the creative aspect of our Being.

The Doorway of the Heart and Devotion
Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti Yoga, the doorway of devotion, is the path of the Heart,
which is ruled by the Moon. It involves intense, focused love
for one particular manifestation, one particular person, or,
in some cases even a disembodied Presence, or one who is no longer
appearing in a human body, such as Jesus or Krishna.
This is the doorway of surrender to the divine in which
the devotee surrenders his/her whole Being in Love
and merges in the One Heart.

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