Vishaka is the rajasic (creative) aspect of Jupiter, the great balancer of the masculine and feminine within us all, the violet flame of Jupiter which serves us all with the gift of alchemical wholeness.

Vishaka is the birthing of wisdom, justice, equality, spiritual connection, and self sacrifice…. sacrificing the small self into the flames so that our true Self, our inner essence, pure awareness, can shine through. Beginning in Venus-ruled Libra, Vishaka is about facing desire and sacrificing our individual desires for the good of the whole.

Jupiter in its highest manifestation is about selfless service. Vishaka brings with it the realization that what serves the many also serves the one, and what serves the One may also serve the many, not in a selfish way but in a selfless way.

Vishaka is about balance. And as Vishaka spans the last degrees of Venus-ruled Libra and the first degrees of Mars-ruled Scorpio, it integrates the feminine and masculine aspects of our being, reflecting how the perfect balance is the feminine values of love, beauty, and harmony leading the way, with masculine dynamism here to serve, manifest, and uphold these noble ideals.