Uttara Bhadra

Uttara Bhadra is the Lunar Mansion which represents the feeling we all have when a desire has been fulfilled. It is the Sattwic aspect of Saturn.

You know that feeling we have when some desire has just been satisfied? Perhaps it is in the afterglow of love making after a totally fulfilling orgasm, or after a great meal in which we are completely satisfied, or at a time when we are so awestruck by the beauty in nature and feel so filled with her grace? This is the feeling of Uttara Bhadra, the feeling of being totally satisfied, and so much so that no new desire need arise….. this is the fullness of consciousness, beyond desire, which experiences itself as totally complete, needing nothing.

And so when the Moon is in Uttara Bhadra we can bask in total fulfillment as the Moon, our emotional body, rests in this place of total fulfillment.