The Lunar Mansion Krittika starts in Mars ruled Aries and moves into Venus ruled Taurus. Krittika is the energy of the tamasic Sun. The Sun is the leader, our leadership ability, and also our sense of self esteem, self-empowerment, and our inner essence, our inner radiance in its highest vibration. The tamasic (destructive) Sun is there to weed out any impediments to its full radiance. Impurities or anything that obstructs the flow of dharma and experience of our inner Presence is removed.

Krittika is also the home of the Pleiades, the seven sisters. The seven sisters are in Taurus. So Krittika begins in Mars Aries and ends in Venus Taurus, purifying our inner Male and then our inner Female. As we are all made up of both Male and Female aspects, here is the opportunity to raise the vibration of both of these polarities, to unify them and bring our awareness to our true Self, pure Presence, which is beyond gender.