The Sun we experience as our self-confidence, our self-esteem,
our inner essence, pure awareness. The Sun is the King
of the planetary family, representing pure awareness, essence,
as well as our experience of Self, and of individual self, ego.

The Integral Doorway
Surya Yoga

Surya yoga, the spiritual doorway governed by the Sun,
is known as the integral path in that a Surya yogi will enter
many or all of the doorways, integrating them all or deriving
benefit from each, transcending through each but not alighting
on any one for very long. The Surya Yogi is like a honey bee
that goes from flower to flower, sucking nectar from each
but never sucking any one completely dry.

Surya yoga is also known as the pathless path in that
it recognizes that there is no one path, in fact there is no path at all,
standing apart from all paths and realizing the truth of who one is
separate from all practices.

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