Planetary Blueprints of Awakening

Your Planetary Blueprint will give you insights into all of the energies that make up the miracle that is You including your own unique spiritual doorway to awakening!

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Orion provides individualized Planetary Blueprint readings with an emphasis on assisting you in Awakening or deepening in your Self Realization, enlivening all of the planetary energies within you to raise their vibration and enhance all aspects of your Self expression.

The planets are real energies within each of us. They are aspects of our Being. We use the archetypal language of the planets as an expression of these energies. Bringing your attention to these aspects of your Being will raise their vibration and bring you into a more empowered and conscious life.

Your Planetary Blueprint reading will include guidance in 7 Fields of Living:

  • Spiritual Nature  – your primary doorway to Awakening.
  • Wealth – your primary desire nature, what you regard as valuable.
  • Dharma – your primary service to society, your life purpose.
  • Career – how your dharma expresses itself in specific careers.
  • Relating Style – your style of relating to other people.
  • Creative Play – how you best re-create.
  • Mental Health – aka our Vital Body, how we best manage stress and achieve emotional balance.

Receive a one-hour Planetary Blueprint consultation with Orion (via Zoom) for only $179. You will receive a video recording of your reading along with a written copy of your Blueprint and a complimentary ebook copy of Doorways to Awakening via email to give you further insight into how the planets influence all aspects of your Being.

To schedule a Planetary Blueprint reading with Orion click here


Bernadette is the Founder & Primary Consultant of The Art of Truly Living. She provides insightful, intuitive and highly individualized guidance to encourage your conscious personal mastery for a joyously fulfilling life.

Bernadette was Edward Tarabilda’s (the Founder of the knowledge of Planetary Blueprints) beloved partner, Spiritual Science and Consciousness researcher and meditation teacher. She brought her intelligence, creativity, love, insight and companionship to Edward’s life mission to Awaken humanity. Bernadette’s passion and guidance continues to inspire all that is now being brought forth, Edward’s soul-stirring gift to the world.

You may receive a one-hour personal consultation with Bernadette for $179.

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