What Some People are Experiencing


“The Spiritual Blueprint readings I received from Ed Tarabilda gave me an understanding of my spiritual nature and path that has guided me ever since. Doorways to Awakening offers that same gift. This is wisdom that will help every reader experience the profound grace of self-acceptance and self-love.”
Jennifer Read Hawthorne, #1 New York Times bestselling author, Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

“I was fortunate to receive a Spiritual Blueprint reading from Edward Tarabilda just before he left to play tennis the fateful morning of his transition (making me the last person to ever receive a reading from him). And, boy, did he get me right! His knowledge, wisdom, and perspective have been invaluable to me. I’m thrilled to endorse this book, as Doorways to Awakening gives you a practical roadmap to the various time-tested paths of awakening. This is a brilliant user manual for life.”
Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

“Finally! I’m so excited to see Ed’s profound and life changing insights in Doorways to Awakening being shared. Ed’s reading for me changed the way I viewed my very existence and created a feeling within me of deep and lasting joy. Knowing one’s Spiritual Blueprint will help anyone live a more Passionate life, a life in alignment with their highest purpose.”
Janet Bray Attwood – NY Times Bestselling author of The Passion Test and Your Hidden Riches

“From the foundations of the Holy East I’ve found amazing insights and truths in this wonderful manuscript gently guiding the reader towards a life of awakened mastery. It’s fascinating to explore the concept of planetary energies and how they affect us in real life. Doorways to Awakening clearly identifies the planetary energies that make up all of us, and the doorways each of these offer to assist us on our spiritual journey.

“This is a must read for anyone looking to grow, evolve and expand their consciousness.”
Rev. Julie Renee Doering – Master Quantum Health Activator, Brain Rejuvenation Expert

“I have always been a Bhakta, following the path of the Heart. Doorways to Awakening gives such a clear and compelling depiction of that journey,as well as all of the other pathways, giving everyone the opportunity to discover which resonates with him/her most powerfully.

“I sincerely feel that this book will be of great value to many people, furthering our shared desire as a planetary collective, for the Awakening of All Beings!”
Ariel Spilsbury, author of the 13 Moon Oracle and The Alchemy of Ecstasy

“I read the first draft of your book … and I want MORE! This is good stuff.
Wonderful to ponder. Very practical, at least for me.”
~ AquariUs

“That night after I finished reading/editing Doorways,
I really experienced the clearest witnessing sleep that I ever have had.
It was as if I wasn’t asleep but was both asleep and standing awake at the crown chakra
looking out into the infinite as well as minding the body/individuality.
It went on for some time, like an hour, drifting in and out of clear inner wakefulness and into sleep,
hovering around that transcendence area of falling asleep.
Maybe some folks, maybe you, have this kind of thing regularly, but I haven’t much before.
Rationally, I feel that it was Cosmic!  Thank You to me for my work!
I am humbled and grateful and “gateful” — standing at the cosmic gate of consciousness, the crown!”
~ Nimueh Rephael

“Yes! I eagerly read my Spiritual Blueprint as soon as it arrived!
Wow! This is amazing! It’s as if you had read my mind…
Only it was my Soul that you read so accurately.

I tried to highlight the phrases that best suited my Soul’s nature.
And I ended up highlighting every single paragraph!
I discovered that I am a quintessential Venusian Spiritual Being.
Every line describes me perfectly!

It is so reassuring to realize what is my true essence.
Now, I’ll start acting in a more congruent and confident way.
Not only that… I can work and make money doing exactly that!
Every aspect of the Venusian Spiritual Being fits me seamlessly.

And many, many other insights about what pleases my Soul
that are precious to this phase of my 3rd Act Reinvention process:

Restarting TM as my most suitable form of meditation
Remembering my deep love for sound, music and art
My curiosity to discover the uniqueness of each person & object
My passion for community, growth & connection to Spirit

How can I respond to this life-enhancing gift?
Yes! I’ll tell my friends about this! It’s so important!
Thank you! Merci! Gracias!
Love & Magic,

“”I had a GREAT session with Orion! He prepared a Spiritual Blueprint
and a Vedic Astrology chart for me. Not only was he thorough but he was able
to give specific insight over all areas of my life (career, relationship compatibility, etc.)
During the process of learning about my stars, I had several “aha!” moments
that helped me better understand my nature, validate my intuition, and
understand how to deal with challenges. Orion is approachable, open, and
healing in the delivery of his chart readings. I left with a sense of clarity, optimism,
and a gust of wind to help move me along in my career and relationships.
I am so grateful and would highly recommend to a friend!! Thank you, Orion!”
– Danielle Eastberg