Jupiter is our spiritual nature, our sense of justice, our sense of fairness,
of goodness, of what is right, our big picture awareness
that allows us to see things in a holistic way and as interconnected,
wisdom, our connection with Source, our religious sense.
Jupiter is the conscious mind, which takes the input of the senses
and organizes them into output, the transition from percept to concept.
Thus, Jupiter is the seat of wisdom and insight. Jupiter represents
our intuitive knowingness that there is something greater than
the physical, material level of existence, a spiritual realm,
and our desire to experience this realm.

The Doorway of the Mind, Selfless Service
Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga, the doorway of the mind, is the path of Selfless Service,
and is ruled by Jupiter.

Karma means action, so this doorway involves the performing
of rituals or actions in service to the guru, which can be experienced
as external or internal or both.

The experience of darshan, of sitting in the presence of
the teacher/guru, someone who is more spiritually advanced
or who embodies a higher state of consciousness, facilitates
the mind surrendering to its Source. This is the action of the mind,
an aspect of Karma yoga.

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