Welcome to Doorways to Awakening

 Click on each of the planetary doorways below to learn more about these energies

These planetary doorways reveal energies that are part of each of us.

And each of these energies primarily influence one area of our lives.

Each is a doorway that leads to awakening. And each person has a primary doorway.

Although different spiritual offerings are given here as examples of each of these doorways, each one has value for all. By placing a spiritual offering in one of the doorways, there is no intention to categorize it as only of value to those with that spiritual doorway as their primary, or in any way to diminish it. In fact, different people will experience the same offering in different ways, depending on their own spiritual proclivity, each receiving the nourishment they need.

And, you will undoubtedly find you are more drawn to some than others. First and foremost trust your intuition. And, if you are so inclined, discover what your Spiritual Blueprint says is the primary doorway or expression for you and receive insight and coaching on your unique life journey.

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