Uttara Shadha

Uttara Shadha is omnipresent light. It is the first of nine Sattwic (preservative) Lunar Mansions and represents the Sattwic aspect of the Sun.

Sattwa restores balance between creation (rajas) and destruction (tamas) giving us the opportunity to savor the fulfillment that results from the purification and growth cycles. It is the energy of purity, clarity, truthfulness, and joy. Sattwa is an uplifting and positive energy field.

The Sattwic aspect of the Sun brings the positive qualities of peace, harmony, leadership, stability, and universality. It honors our unity as aspects of the One ocean of consciousness as well as our diversity as different waves on that ocean. It allows us to see the big picture, to see all sides and balance conflicting interests.

Uttara Shadha spans the latter degrees of Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius and the first degrees of Saturn-ruled Capricorn, so it brings the expansive energy of Jupiter into the grounded and practical energy of Saturn.

How can your natural leadership qualities be expressed more fully? Can you step into an even greater feeling of self confidence and leadership without falling into the trap of ego? True Self confidence honors all aspects of the one Self. How can we all more fully feel and express this higher value of Self confidence?