Uttara Phalguni

Uttara Phalguni is the rajasic aspect of the Sun. Rajas is the creative force. The Sun is the energy of leadership. Uttara Phalguni is about dynamic leadership. It spans the latter degrees of Leo (ruled by the Sun) and the first degrees of Virgo (ruled by Mercury).
The higher values of the Sun are our pure essence, our inner radiance, the stillness at the core of our Being, the silent witness that observes every thought. When thoughts arise in their purity from this inner Source, without the distortion of the ego mind, they provide clear, dynamic direction and creative inspiration.
Mercury is our intellect which discriminates and makes choices. Uttara Phalguni enables us to access the pure creativity within and use our intellect, our creative intelligence, to bring these inspirations into manifestation.
Uttara Phalguni reminds us to sit in inner stillness and listen to what arises from there… to allow that inner inspiration to inform all that we do…… when we have so much to do to stop, be still, and allow….