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Time for a Truly Spiritual Bypass Anyone?

By May 11, 2020Uncategorized

There is so much chaos in our collective field right now. Are the forces of darkness and greed behind this Coronovirus? Did it occur naturally or was it created in a lab? Was it released intentionally or by accident? Can an effective vaccine be created or will that just further weaken our immune systems? Who stands to profit from this? And on and on and on… and all sides of these, and other, issues are being projected into the collective mind field with so much passion and fear.

And this Coronovirus issue is only the tip of the iceberg. We are indeed in the midst of a Civil War, a war of different perspectives, different beliefs, different ideas, each denouncing the other with such venom. Such chaos! We are collectively in the midst of a civil war, a war of ideas, different perspectives, different beliefs, some more holistic, some less so…. which lens to look through?

And all of this apparent chaos exists within the energetic field of our minds, and of the reality we have co-created. However, chaos is often the precursor to a new reality, a reordering, where everything is shaken up and remixed and cast anew. Perhaps we are in the midst of the dissolution of all that we have previously known, so that a new order will reveal itself? It certainly seems so.

The process of dissolution will appear chaotic, and when we are immersed in this field of chaos, and not grounded in the Presence of our Being, our minds will be in chaos, in turmoil, spinning this way and that, grasping in search of truth, but always guided by fear. And within this field of chaos we attempt to make sense of it all, and to restore order which only adds to the chaos.

When so much chaos exists within the field, is it not time to pause, to be still, to take a deep breath, to see beyond the collective mind, beyond our own minds to the stillness at the core of our Being? At times like these, the only recourse to restore order to the collective mind field is to transcend the field, transcend the mind, bring our attention to that which observes the mind, each thought, and all these chaotic thoughts. When we transcend all thought, order is restored to our minds, and then the collective field and the thoughts that emerge within it are more orderly, more coherent, grounded in Presence, in clarity, in Truth.

And we all experience this. Do we not all think more clearly after a good rest, a good vacation, giving our mind’s a break? Many of the great thinkers and innovators throughout history report that it is only when they left the problem behind that solutions began to appear. Clarity comes from the deep wellspring of Silence beyond all thought out of which all thoughts emerge. And when this field beyond thought is tapped, the thoughts that emerge are more coherent, more orderly, more creative, more purposeful. This is the Peace beyond all understanding, the ground of our Being.

And then out of this inner field of Silence, beyond all fear and chaos, we can see the big picture and all of the forces that are at play, and choose more wisely where and when and how to act. Restoring order to the collective field must be our first priority in these chaotic times. And what will emerge will be the insight into all we have in common as humans on this small planet spinning through empty space. Tapping this inner wellspring of creativity and orderliness arouses the heart of compassion and elevates the field in which the lower vibrations of greed and every-man-for-himselfness reside.

Only when we step out of the field of chaos, out of the field of thought, can order be restored to our minds…. the field out of which all thought emerges is self regulating, self correcting. Our thinking becomes clearer.


So much has been written denouncing the Spiritual Bypass over the last couple of decades, perhaps it is time to entertain the virtues of a good, truly Spiritual, Bypass.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the practice of Spiritual Bypassing, it is a phrase that describes a trick of the mind that arose out of Advaita Vedanta, Self Inquiry which has become popular in some circles in the last few decades. in which we are are asked the question “Who is having this thought, this emotion, this experience?” This is a useful question, a question of Self Inquiry which enlivens the inner witness and allows us to see we are not our thoughts, our feelings, our jobs or any of the roles we play in life. Who we are is pure awareness, the inner witness, within which, or out of which, all thoughts and experiences occur.

Self Inquiry is a useful practice as it can help to cut the cord of identification with our minds, our bodies, or the roles we play (parent, student, teacher, husband, wife, our careers, etc.) and give us a seat in the audience of our lives all the while remaining active actors on the stage of our lives. When the Inner Witness is enlivened and stabilized in our experience, the roller coaster of life can be navigated more gracefully, we no longer become as much of a ping pong ball, we are grounded in pure Being, Empty Presence. We become less ‘at the effect of’, controlled by circumstances. And from this place of inner stability, we can act more effectively and wisely.

Spiritual Bypassing occurs when in the face of the tragedies of our lives (the most traumatic of which generally involves some kind of loss), instead of feeling the grief, the anger, the fear or whatever powerful emotions may arise, we suppress these emotions by asking the question ‘who is having this emotion, who is experiencing this grief’? And then the emotion gets bypassed, suppressed. And it is now pretty common knowledge that suppressed emotions can later erupt into all sorts of physical maladies. And subsequently a whole field has emerged to help us get in touch with our suppressed emotions and free them.

Suppressing our emotions, bypassing them though is not exclusive to the practice of Self Inquiry. We have all been conditioned collectively to replace sad thoughts with happy ones, to adopt a positive outlook, which is not bad advice. We certainly don’t want to wallow endlessly in grief and sadness, because we all know there is no end to that. There is no cheese down that tunnel, as a good friend of mine often says. Therein lies an endless pit of anguish and despair and depression which is anything but life supporting.

It is time, however, within this great Pause, to truly Pause, take a deep breath, step out of the field of the mind periodically, give our mind’s a rest, and then see what emerges from there. Let’s also feel our emotions fully as we ride these waves of global transformation, but also allow our minds to take a break from the chaos, to rest in the Pure Presence of our Being. And then, grounded in Presence, act.


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