Swati lies in the heart of Venus-ruled Libra and is the rajasic (creative) aspect of Rahu, the rebel. So Swati is about active rebellion against restrictions and limitations in any form, though often covertly.

Coming in the midst of Venus, Swati represents rebellion against the limitations imposed by the senses, all attachments, addictions, roles and labels. We must free ourselves from the shackles of anything that keeps our attention directed outside of ourselves for our happiness and fulfillment to be truly happy. Otherwise, when the objects of our attachment change we will suffer. Swati allows us to redirect our attention to the one constant Source within, the true Source of beauty, love, harmony, and freedom. And then all outer pleasures may be enjoyed most fully and freely.

This can be a challenging one for many of us as we can get so attached to form, the belief that if only we could have that or keep that then we would be happy. So we try to freeze the circumstances of our lives to keep the objects of our desire. Swati allows us to break free of these self limiting mental constructs.