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Spiritual Blueprint Holiday Gift Certificates!

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Spiritual Blueprint Holiday Gift Special!

Give a Spiritual Blueprint Gift Certificate to a friend or a family member between now and the end of 2018 for the discounted price of only $33. You will receive your individualized 33-minute Spiritual Blueprint reading (via phone or Skype, along with a recording of it), your written Spiritual Blueprint (example below), and an ebook copy of Doorways to Awakening to give you further insight into your blueprint via email.

Contact Orion at orionavalon@gmail.com to receive your Spiritual Blueprint Gift Certificate.

Orion provides individualized Spiritual Blueprint readings with an emphasis on assisting you in Awakening or deepening in your Self Realization, enlivening all of the planetary energies within you to raise their vibration and enhance all aspects of your Self expression.

The planets are real energies within each of us. They are aspects of our Being. We use the archetypal language of the planets as an expression of these energies. Bringing your attention to these aspects of your Being will raise their vibration and bring you into a more empowered and conscious life.

Your Spiritual Blueprint reading will include guidance in 7 Fields of Living:

  • Spiritual Nature  – your primary doorway to Awakening.
  • Wealth – your primary desire nature, what you regard as valuable.
  • Dharma – your primary service to society, your life purpose.
  • Career – how your dharma expresses itself in specific careers.
  • Relating Style – your style of relating to other people.
  • Creative Play – how you best re-create.
  • Mental Health – aka your Vital Body, how you best manage stress and achieve emotional balance.

What people are saying:

“Yes! I eagerly read my Spiritual Blueprint as soon as it arrived!

Wow! This is amazing! It’s as if you had read my mind… Only it was my Soul that you read so accurately.”

~ Amore

“”I had a GREAT session with Orion! He prepared a Spiritual Blueprint and a Vedic Astrology chart for me. Not only was he thorough but he was able to give specific insight over all areas of my life (career, relationship compatibility, etc.)

During the process of learning about my stars, I had several “aha!” moments that helped me better understand my nature, validate my intuition, and understand how to deal with challenges. Orion is approachable, open, and healing in the delivery of his chart readings. I left with a sense of clarity, optimism, and a gust of wind to help move me along in my career and relationships.

I am so grateful and would highly recommend to a friend!! Thank you, Orion!”
– Danielle Eastberg

“My first reaction to the written summary of his reading was surprise and a feeling like, “boy is he way off base”.

Because he was clear that the information was simply a tool for me to explore and not accept as established fact, taming the “rebel’ in me, a safe space was created for me to truly honor and process the information.

I am writing this some three months later because it is clear to me that the peace of mind, I am now experiencing, the level of acceptance I have with my spiritual journey up until now and the new relationships and open doors for the work i do all are due in part because of the insight and wisdom i gained about myself from the reading.

Today, I know his assessment was “right on” offering me clarity about so much of my life and journey and the willingness to explore shadow aspects of my personality, taking the time to process and integrate.

I am profoundly appreciative, so very grateful. I urge you to purchase his book and book an appointment.

Much love and appreciation
Audrey Addison Williams”

Here is a sample Spiritual Blueprint similar to the one you will receive:

Sample Blueprint

Saturn is your Spiritual doorway, the doorway of the Body.

The body, and the challenges it may provide you, is the doorway to an even deeper awakening.

  • Spiritual Nature – Saturn (Hatha Yoga, the doorway of the body)
  • Caste—-Venus (Brahmin – priests, counselors, educators)
  • Primal Desire -Mercury (desire for esoteric/spiritual knowledge)
  • Career-Nodes of the Moon (Rahu/Ketu)
  • Relating Style -Mars (bold, straight forward, willful)
  • Creative Play-Jupiter (body, alone time, retreat, basking)
  • Vital Body-Sun (leadership)

The interpretations of all of these fields are given below. In each field you will see all the different possibilities so you can see how yours compares with the others and see how well it fits you. Edward Tarabilda, who discovered this paradigm, says:

“The spiritual, subjective spiritual blueprint should be treated as a scientific hypothesis rather than as established fact, and it is certainly offered in that spirit.”

So, of course, you are encouraged to check this with your own personal experience as you would with anything else.

Spiritual Nature

This is how you transcend the mind and realize your true essence as pure consciousness most fully. Before realization you would call this your spiritual path. After Self Realization you would call this your spiritual expression, that which nourishes you most fully spiritually.

The spiritual natures are:

Saturn – Hatha yoga (doorway of the body)
Venus – Raj yoga (doorway of the senses)
Mars – Laya yoga – (doorway of the subtle body, chakras, shakti kundalini)
Moon – Bhakti (doorway of the Heart)
Mercury – Gyan yoga (doorway of the intellect, discrimination, self-inquiry)
Jupiter – Karma yoga (doorway of selfless service, the mind)
Sun – Integral (all of the above, like a honey bee going from flower to flower getting nectar from them all)
Nodes of the Moon, Rahu/Ketu – (the doorway of Tantra)

Your spiritual nature is governed by the Saturn, the path of Hatha Yoga, the path of the Body.

Hatha Yoga
The Path of the Body and Physical Purification

Hatha Yoga is a doorway to Self Realization that most people are familiar with. It involves yoga postures in its purest form, but also could involve dance, or running or any form of transcendence of the mind through the body, as well as physical purification practices such as fasting or cleanses.

In addition to the wide range of Hatha yoga practices, the whirling dervishes of the Sufi tradition, and the ultrarunning disciples of Sri Chinmoy are classic examples of transcendence of the mind through the activity of the body. Most people have experienced this type of transcendence to some degree. It includes the endorphin rush of the distance runner and the deep relaxation and sense of oneness one gets from exhausting physical activity. It is perfect mind/body coordination, the experience of being in the Zone.

This doorway is also known as the doorway of Saturn.

This doorway can also be called the Doorway of Silence, or the Doorway of the Hermit or Recluse. Those individuals who have an urge towards monastic life are sometimes on the path of Saturn. I say “sometimes” because there can be other factors which create a desire to leave the world, but which do not arise from the field of spiritual life.

Individuals whose spiritual nature is governed by Saturn are often skeptical and cautious by nature. Their approach to the spiritual life needs to be concrete, practical, and tied to objective research and thought.

Saturnine spiritual beings have a tendency to turn their natural skepticism back on themselves, but this is never a useful process and only deters their spiritual growth.

The physical body is the vehicle or mirror through which consciousness is able to shine. When the mirror is cleaned, consciousness is experienced more clearly.

Too often Hatha Yoga is treated as an adjunct to the other Yogas. For those with Saturn as their spiritual nature, it is a powerful doorway in its own right.

All these classes with scantily clad men and women practicing yoga asanas in large groups are okay for mere exercise. However, they are the antithesis of Hatha Yoga as a spiritual doorway. Hatha Yoga is meant to be practiced alone in a quiet and windless place.

Fasting of the five senses is an important part of Hatha Yoga. This can include periodic sexual fasting (abstinence), food fasting, fasting from speaking, sleep fasting on a full moon night or a Saturday night (Saturn rules Saturday), and even periodic visual fasting.

Saturnine beings always feel that they are in the world but not of it. They may have had these feelings even as children.

This is a path that grows stronger as the person gets older- Saturn governs old age.

Those on the path of Saturn will find spiritual nourishment in helping others through the “death and dying process”. A dying person feels very comfortable around a Saturnine spiritual being. Hospice work and care for the dying are valuable forms of spiritual exercise for Saturnine beings as well. It enhances their feelings of silence and reclusiveness.

Ayurveda, Rolfing, or any other forms of holistic medicine directed at the body, become a form of spiritual practice when focused on by a Saturnine spiritual being.

Nyaya Philosophy, with its emphasis on rational, logical thinking, is also a useful tool for enchancing a Saturnine being’s spiritual life.

The thinking of someone under the influence of Saturn tends to be somewhat mechanical. He or she builds knowledge piece by piece, in a very logical and orderly way.

Saturnine beings are hungry for information. They are capable of creating an inspirational whole by bringing order to bits of information. Computers reflect this style of thinking.

Life in ancient India was conducive to the practice of this path. Modern life is in conflict with this path.

The doorway of Saturn is also the path of grief. Saturn is like a stern father who punishes the child who fails to stay with the present moment and longs for the past or the future. But a Saturnine spiritual being is also capable of transforming grief into spiritual insight.

Studying Western Philosophy is an appropriate spiritual exercise for those on the path of Saturn.

Saturn beings often have to deal with fear. In many instances this fear involves threats to their own boundaries, space, and privacy.

Saturnine beings love to simplify their life- they like to sweep the table clean and start over. Thus, when life’s circumstances destroy everything they have created, they can actually feel a sense of elation.

Saturn brings a natural indolence to the nature. If this indolence is not countered by physical discipline, it can create imbalances.

There is no such thing as a universal meditation; there are only styles of meditation. The Saturn style is an emphasis on simplicity, physical discipline, and (other than just sitting) doing very little in the name of meditation. Zen meditation is very Saturnine – one just sits, staring at a blank wall!

All forms of “emptiness meditation”, such as taught by Pandit Ravi Shankar, are Saturnine in nature. So are his “Kriya” breathing techniques.

Meher Baba was a great Saturnine spiritual teacher. Thus, his ability to stay in silence for 40 years.

If one stays in silence too long, one will find it difficult to come out. One will postpone coming out, time and time again.

Saturnine beings are not always so sensitive to the subtleties of esoteric knowledge. They prefer a more grounded approach which they can concretely grasp.

Since the path of Saturn is somewhat in conflict with external duty and responsibility, people on this path need to find their version of a cave to which they can retreat periodically.

Saturnine beings love pilgrimages to remote desert or mountain places where they can soak up silence in solitude.

One must learn to do asanas (yoga postures) in a meditative way if one is on this path.

Yogi Amrit Desai understands that Hatha Yoga is more than a form of physical inculcation, it is a spiritual doorway.

Many of the early Christian “desert fathers” were on this path.

This is the doorway of the turtle. Because it seems so slow, it takes perseverance. But often it is the tortoise who wins the race, not the hare.

The physical body is the oldest and therefore the most developed of all the sheaths. Thus, it affords great protection to those on this path.

The first sixteen techniques of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra are Saturnine in nature.

Ram Dass understands this path well.

Some individuals on this path are temporarily overwhelmed by the grief it sometimes brings, but as they get older they value these experiences more than any other.

Those on the path of Saturn can be their own worst enemies when they turn their (normally) healthy skepticism towards themselves.

Individuals on this path need to learn to trust their natural skepticism. It serves them well in most cases.

Fundamentalism is a Saturnine trait. Its emphasis can be useful on this path as long as it is not projected onto others in a universal way.

Art which emphasizes a stark realism is Saturnine at its root.

Terse writing is Saturnine.

Since this path requires considerable time, it confers importance on the science of longevity.

Hatha Yoga by Ramacharaka is a useful book for helping Hatha Yogins simplify their life regimen.

Hatha Yoga: The Hidden Language by Swami Radha is most appropriate for those who are on the path of Laya or Kundalini Yoga and want to learn Hatha Yoga in a way suitable to their own sadhana.

In today’s world it may be difficult to do many of the purifications required in Hatha Yoga practice.

Iyengar’s form of Hatha Yoga is very Saturnine. It emphasizes precise technique as an important ingredient in bringing about proper purification.

A Saturnine person’s need to establish clear personal boundaries can sometimes be a headache to others.

Saturnine spiritual beings can also be dogged in pursuing a subject. They won’t let things go. This can be useful in their spiritual life, but not necessarily elsewhere.

In times of crisis or tragedy, you are blessed to have a spiritually evolved Saturnine person come into your life.

The American Indian spiritual tradition is basically Saturnine. Drumming, for example, grounds one in the physical. So does the harsh, austere life of the Hopi Indians.

Hatha Yogis often resort to more physical approaches to God realization, including the use of mind-altering drugs such as peyote or LSD. They employ these substances in a very disciplined way, if their spiritual nature is strong.

The path of Hatha Yoga is all too often subtly undermined by teachers from other Yogic paths. They treat it as a second class yoga, useful only as an adjunct therapy to one of the “major” yogas.

“Better one’s own path than the path of another.”

Beginners on the path of Saturn should focus on periodic pilgrimages to quiet, reclusive places where they can be in silent retreat for a few days, or even weeks, if time allows.

Zen monasteries offer such services, but one can also rent a little cabin in the woods.


The field of Dharma or Caste Nature is the field of living that relates to ‘moral, ethical, or evolutionary behavior’. So it has to do with our values, the lens through which we view the world.

The caste structure in modern day India is a perverted one, based on birth and heredity rather than one’s natural inclination as revealed by one’s spiritual blueprint.

There are five possible individual caste natures: 1) Brahmin 2) Kshatriva 3) Vaishya 4) Shudra 5) Outcaste 

Brahmins are the priests, counselors, educators of society. They lead the cultural-religious-educational caste institution, giving knowledge to society, especially spiritual knowledge.

Kshatriyas are the warriors in society, protecting society physically and sometimes spiritually (protecting through knowledge).

Vaishyas are the business or merchant class.

Shudras serve one of the above mentioned castes, but not in a servile way unless Shudra nature is weak. Shudras are very independant people who must learn to serve in a way that does not interfere with their love of freedom and privacy.

Outcastes are the rebels who purify society of its outmoded, outdated conventions. The prefer to live on the fringes of society. Gypsies are good examples of outcastes.

Brahmins are not more interested in knowledge than members of other castes. However, they use it more effectively and creatively to bring spiritual help to society. 


The career nature is built on the platform of dharma.

Each planet governs a different type of career. Here is a summary:

Sun – King, leadership
Moon – Queen, nourishing careers like nurses
Mars – Commander-in-Chief – supervisory careers
Mercury – Crown Prince – teaching, bartering or trading, mathematics
Jupiter – Minister (banker, judge, priest, college professor…. positions of dignity)
Venus – Minister (ministerial positions that have an artistic bent…. designer, decorator, painter, musician)
Saturn – Servant – practical, logical, hands-on work, detail-oriented, could be a scientist, accountant, computer programmer
Nodes of the Moon – rebellious careers, either working by themselves or with people who value their rebellious nature

Primal Desire (aka the Field of Wealth)

Wealth is more than resources such as money, land, conveyances, good reputation. It concerns what one regards as ‘wealth’, ones prime desire in life.

Here are the Primal desires:

Sun – desire for leadership and adulation
Moon – desire for deep emotional bonding
Mars – desire for self-sufficiency and power
Mercury – desire for all forms of deep, esoteric knowledge and the opportunity to express it
Jupiter – desire for community and fellowship with others
Venus – desire for ideal love relationships and beauty in all its forms
Saturn – desire for a more private, hermetic life
Nodes of the Moon – rebel, revolutionary, outlaw and desire to purify society of outdated, outmoded conventions and institutions.

Relating Style

This field of living includes interpersonal interactions with parents, siblings, children, relatives, friends, and associates.

The eight styles of relating are:

Sun: charismatic, liberal, confident, and authoritative
Moon: empathetic, caring, loving, and nourishing
Mars: bold, willful, and straight to the point
Mercury: flexible, adaptable, fun-loving, and good with words
Jupiter: giving, serving, and balanced in approach
Venus: sweet, romantic, compromising, and idealistic
Saturn: “cut and dried”, patient, plodding, and good in crisis
Nodes: rebellious and iconoclastic

Creative Play

This describes how we re-create, how we enjoy ourselves, and also determines our relationship with children (our own or others’). Each planet describes a different style of play.

Sun – charismatic, liberal, authoritative, confident
Moon – caring, nourishing, loving, empathetic
Mars – courageous, assertive, challenging, and willing to take risks
Mercury – flexible, adaptable, discerning, verbal, and changeable
Jupiter – fair, just, highly social, moderate, and altruistic
Venus – soft, sweet, compromising, positive, idealistic, and socially minded
Saturn – disciplined, patient, slow, retiring and dependable, especially in times of crises….. basking
Nodes of the Moon – rebellious, iconoclastic, independent

Mental Health/Vital Body

When a person wants to project his energy onto the environment in a way that will bring success, influence, popularity, and good reputation, then he will use one of eight styles for doing so:

The Sun projects charismatic leadership
The Moon projects a nourishing, motherly, caring attitude
Mars projects competence, courage, confidence, and assertiveness
Mercury projects adaptability, flexibility, and a keen, perceptive intelligence
Jupiter projects joyfulness, moderation, balance, tolerance, and altruism
Venus projects peace, harmony, and positivity
Saturn projects steadiness, patience, and dependability
Rahu/Ketu – Nodes of the Moon – project rebelliousness, iconoclasm, individualism, and independence

“The spiritual, subjective spiritual blueprint should be treated as a scientific hypothesis rather than as established fact, and it is certainly offered in that spirit.”

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