Purva Bhadra

Purva Bhadra is the sattwic (positive, preservative) aspect of Jupiter which represents the satisfaction of desire. Once a desire is fulfilled the enjoyment we experience plants a seed for a new desire. This Lunar Mansion gives us the opportunity to sacrifice the new desire into the flames as a sacrificial offering to the divine, which means to burn in the energy of desire without fulfilling it in order to go beyond desire, to realize that which is beyond desire, the desirer. It is only in this way that we can go beyond the endless cycle of desire and desire fulfillment.

Of course, this does not mean we should not fulfill our most basic needs in life, just that we may find it spiritually useful to not fulfill all of our desires in order to gain mastery over them, to be able to choose which we fulfill and which we do not.

Purva Bhadra spans the last degrees of Saturn-ruled Aquarius and the first degrees of Jupiter-ruled Pisces, so it takes the material and transforms it into the spiritual. Nothing gained on the material level offers lasting satisfaction. It is only when we realize the silent, still Presence of our Being within that we can move beyond the material realm of desire and experience the wholeness of consciousness as who we are.

What do you long for? What desires motivate you to action? How can we bring more awareness to that which we really want and to see what motivates these desires?