Tamas is destruction. And purification.

In nature Tamas is the purificatory and transformative force which allows all living things to rest, relax, recover and renew.

Do you dream of retirement, of taking it easy and enjoying the fruits of life? Do you enjoy late Fall after the harvest and Winter before nature wakes up? Does loss of material possessions and roles in life sometimes bring a feeling of relief with an aftertaste of sweetness as a phase of your life completes opening the door to a fresh new beginning? These are the positive reflections of Tamas.

Or, do you find yourself attached to the past and resistant to change? Do you yearn for a long-lost lover or are you stuck in destructive habits? Do you resent people who challenge your beliefs? Do you suffer from guilt and remorse? These negative tamasic emotions are opportunities to develop forgiveness, gratitude, and nonattachment.

Contained within a single seed is the blueprint for an entire tree. This is the tamasic phase of life, pure potential. the calm before the storm, the destruction of illusion.