Moola is the rajasic (creative) aspect of Ketu. 

Ketu represents our karma and spirituality. Ketu is the refinement of the material realm into the spiritual realm, taking the concrete to the subtle. It causes sorrow and loss in the material realm which often turns us away from the outer, material world and inward to the silent witness, the silent Presence within. Ketu is considered responsible for Self Realization. Ketu is our inner knowingness, non-attachment, mysticism, esoteric spiritual pursuits, liberation, penetrating insight, and psychic abilities.

Moola means root. Just as the roots of a plant sustain it hidden beneath the ground, Moola anchors and nourishes the outer aspects of life while remaining unseen in the recesses of our unconscious. Moola reminds us that in time all of the material realm will change and die away, and that it is fleeting and ultimately unsatisfying unless connected to that eternal ground of nourishment within, the silent, still Presence of our Being, awareness.

Moola spans the first 13 degrees of Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. And Jupiter represents our spiritual nature, our connection to Source, wisdom, and our sense of justice, fairness, and equality. So all of those values of Jupiter are rooted in the ground of the empty Presence which Moola invites us into.

So Moola is an energy that dissipates the mental structures and thoughts which keep us outer directed and pulls us inward to Source, where we rest in the wholeness within, and from where all creativity and outpicturings emerge.