Magha is the tamasic aspect of Ketu suggesting gratitude to our ancestors and past benefactors.

Edward Tarabilda says “When we fully recognize our debt to our ancestors, tidal waves of love and gratitude fill our hearts and prepare us for further gifts.”

He also says “Ketu cuts through barriers, often in a dramatic, thunderbolt way. The biggest barriers to spiritual progress are attachments, whether material attachments like power and indulgence of the senses, or nomaterial ones, such as clinging to gurus and ancestors. Magha enables us to let go of both kinds of attachments. We recognize our great debt to ancestors and teachers, while freeing ourselves of outmoded beliefs and lifestyles.”

And, as Magha spans the first degrees of Leo which is ruled by the Sun, it allows us to especially free ourselves of egoic attachments, revealing the true light of the Sun which is our inner radiance, our essence, and which is beyond self-esteem, self-empowerment, and the lower vibrations of arrogance and pride.