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Love and God

By February 14, 2018Uncategorized

Love and God

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi spoke a beautiful, devotional message many years ago called ‘Love and God’ in which he paid homage to both aspects of God, the impersonal, absolute aspect and the personal, manifest aspect.

God is absolute, pure, undifferentiated consciousness. Like a still ocean with no waves, it is infinite, unbounded, motionless, genderless. It is the vacuum state in which no thing exists.

And yet, when we shoot a subatomic particle into the vacuum state it becomes alive. Virtual particles appear which go in and out of existence in a microsecond, revealing that the vacuum was always alive with pure potential. It is from this state that all manifestation is born. And this is the personal aspect of God.

Manifestation begins with archetypes of consciousness, universal patterns out of which all creation is molded. These archetypes are the planetary archetypes which arise out of the primordial trifurcation of satt, chit, ananda (being, consciousness, bliss or in other words, absolute bliss consciousness).

A useful way of thinking of these planetary archetypes is to associate them with the chakras, beginning with our seventh or crown chakra, the Sun planetary archetype which is a reflection of our inner radiance, our individual self, atman.

Our third eye is Jupiter which is our inner sense of wisdom, insight, justice, higher mind.

Our throat chakra is Mercury which is our discriminative ability, our creative expression, our left brain, our inner witness.

Our heart chakra is the Moon which is our Heart, the heart of unconditional Love, agape, the love of the Mother.

Our solar plexus is Mars which is our will power, our indomitable spirit, our warrior nature which overcomes all obstacles.

Our second chakra is Venus which is our feeling of romantic Love and our appreciation of Beauty, our senses, our sexuality.

Our root chakra is Saturn which is our physical body and all of physical manifestation, grounded, practical.

And beyond all chakras is Rahu and Ketu which represent desire.

All of this manifest field of creation arises out of the one, still, ocean of consciousness. And it is the Personal aspect of God!

Some people may hear this as ‘I am God’ or ‘We are God’. In truth, no one of us is the totality of God, though we are all aspects of God, waves on the ocean of consciousness, God experiencing itself through each of us in all its grandeur and horror. The personal aspect of God is all of manifest creation, and we are all part of that, each and every cell, every atom, every molecule of creation.

How could God which is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent not also be each and all of Us? The fundamental tenet of Philosophy of Religion is that God is that beyond which nothing greater can be conceived, because if something greater could be conceived then that would be God. By definition this is what we mean by God, that beyond which nothing greater can be conceived. Therefore, God must be all-encompassing.

And this is why in knowing our Self, we can know God. We are all reflections of God’s Love. And that is why each of these planetary archetypes are doorways into our infinite Self, beyond thought.

May the Love of God, God’s Love, be alive in each of our Hearts this Valentine’s Day.

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