Dhanistha is the sattwic (positive, preservative) aspect of Mars, our dynamic will power. This energy field supports upholding the ideals, values, and progress we have made in life, and gives dynamism to our spiritual unfoldment. Breathe deeply and feel the life force permeate every cell of your Being.
Mars governs the subtle body, the chakras, so Dhanistha allows us to heal any wounding that may have occurred in our emotional, subtle body and the courage and strength of will to face these past emotional traumas fully in order to heal them.
Dhanistha spans the last degrees of Saturn-ruled Capricorn and the first degrees of Saturn-ruled Aquarius. This means we can use our indomitable spirit (Mars) for practical, physical embodiment and healing. Whereas the Capricorn aspect of Saturn allows us to ground and purify, the Aquarius aspect of Saturn allows us to reorganize and harmonize all aspects of our lives.
What can we all heal and harmonize in our lives? What are our current outpicturings and emotional challenges showing us needs to be healed?