Chitra is the rajasic, creative aspect of Mars which is the energy of courage and passion for adventure. Chitra spans the last 7 degrees of Mercury-ruled Virgo where it picks up the creative intelligence offered by Mercury and extends into the first 7 degrees of Venus-ruled Libra.

Venus is about our senses, beauty, sensuality, sexuality and perfect harmony. So in Chitra the passion of firey Mars, which is our will power, our breath, brings our energy out of our Mercury intellect and into our body and the senses. This is how beauty gets created. It starts with a blueprint, a latent design, and then is manifested by Shakti Kundalini, life force, fire and passion.

May we use this passionate energy of Chitra to manifest the grand design of our higher, God Self which has percolated¬†in Moon-ruled Hasta, the Mother… she is pregnant, the baby is growing and about to give birth…..