The Lunar Mansion known as Bharani is in Aries which is ruled by Mars. Bharani is the sattwic aspect of Venus, so we have the dynamic Mars/Venus polarity creating a dynamic tension of sizzle. This sattwic aspect of Venus is about the subtle refinement of the senses to arrive at the state of pure consciousness, the inner Presence who we all are. The traditional symbol of Bharani is a water pot in the shape of a Yoni which is used for bathing sacred statues. It symbolizes offering of the subtle senses to the divine.

Edward Tarabilda says “Do you like to soak in a hot bubble bath dreaming of soft, sweet romantic encounters? Do refined music, a gourmet dinner under candlelight, and charming company tickle your fancy? Do you peacefully dream of an ideal society free of crime and disharmony?” All these are in the energy of this sattwic aspect of Venus which is about perfect beauty, inner and outer harmony, romantic love, and purity.