Ashwini is the cosmic surgeon, the sattvic aspect of Ketu, cutting away all impediments to the flow of grace in our lives. These impediments could be beliefs, habits, or possessions. This is a time for minimizing, simplifying and letting go of anything that obstructs the light of pure consciousness, our inner radiance, to shine most brightly. As the clouds  (of thought) dissipate, the Sun of our inner God Presence can shine forth ever more brightly.

The key word here is ‘grace’….. grace is a blessing, an influx of divine grace that allows us to surrender deeper and deeper into the empty Presence of our Being…. i experience grace as the power of Shiva Presence that unexpectedly annihilates all thought and leaves just pure Presence of Being…..

Ashwini spans the first 13 degrees of Mars-ruled Aries, so it is a powerful, dynamic, charged energy of grace, the warrior energy that slays all thought before it can arise. And, this is the energy that is at the very beginning of the zodiac….. the whole universe begins with activated, charged divine grace and it ends with the silent witness within (sattwic Mercury, Revati) that observes the play of life as it unfolds…….