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3 Steps on the Spiritual Ladder

By January 2, 2017Uncategorized

Edward Tarabilda identified three steps or stages on the spiritual ladder. Probably most of us will be able to relate to these.

The three steps are:

  1. The step of traditional religion
  2. The step of the spiritual seeker
  3. The step of the Self Realized, Awakened, Being.

Each has its value on the spiritual journey.

Stage one is what most of us have grown up with. It generally involves the belief that god is separate from humankind. God is the creator and we humans and all of the universe is the creation. Morality and spiritual values are learned at this stage, not only with the hope of attaining heaven in the afterlife, but also in creating a more harmonious and loving world.

Stage two occurs when we have a spiritual experience in which God is not separate from us, or our mind stops while we are still awake and we experience pure awareness, or some other revelatory experience happens that makes us yearn for union with the divine. Or it may just be the desire for self improvement, the dissatisfaction with ordinary life, and the inner knowingness that there is more to life.

Stage three on the spiritual ladder is the stage of Awakening, of the Self Realized Being. At this stage we know the truth of who we are beyond identification, as the silent Stillness and Presence at the core of our Being. Awareness has always been who we are, but now this inner Peace has come to the forefront of our experience, and all thoughts, ideas, beliefs, roles have retreated into the background. You now feel the indwelling Presence of the divine and your connection with all of life.

At this stage we experience our individual self as a wave on the ocean of consciousness (metaphorically), and all others as individual waves, though we are all made of the same substance, awareness, consciousness. Our essence is like the water in the ocean (consciousness). And each individual wave is an expression of this water. God is experienced as the totality of the ocean of which we are a part. So in this sense God is not separate from us, and at the same time is bigger, vaster, more wholistic, infinite intelligence.

At the first stage on the spiritual ladder, “Doorways to Awakening” can help to enliven the desire for more.

At the second stage on the spiritual ladder, “Doorways to Awakening” and your spiritual blueprint, provides a practical roadmap to the various time-tested paths to expand our consciousness, bring us into harmony with our inner Source, and point the way to powerful experiences of the divine within.

At the third stage on the spiritual ladder, for those that already know themselves as this infinite inner Presence, although there is the experience of wholeness of consciousness and no need for anything else, “Doorways to Awakening” makes us aware of the energies of the planets which are alive within all of us and make up the totality of our Being. They are there to serve in our deepening of this experience of Presence into all areas of our lives; our body, our mind, our intellect, our desires, our will, and our senses. There is no end in this lifetime to our spiritual growth. “Doorways to Awakening”, and your spiritual blueprint, can help guide you to your dharmic path and to even greater fulfullment in all areas of your life.

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